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Custom Frame Design and Framing

We will frame ANYTHING!


From traditional Master Works on canvas to cutting-edge serigraphs, all art has something in common: it needs quality framing! We are well-versed in the use of classic framing components such as fillets, fabric-wrapped mats and liners and French linens. If you have a taste for the contemporary, you may find a Paraflex frame or a custom museum box more to your liking.

Aside from complementing your art and decor, framing should also offer protection from airborne contaminants, insects, dirt, and damaging UV light. Let us show you how archival framing can protect your fine art investment for years to come.

Diploma, Award, Certificate Framing

Whether a wedding certificate (Ketubah) or a child’s scholastic achievement award, you should consider featuring document framing in your home. We’ve done quite a bit of this type of framing - historic pieces like maps, old stock certificates and grandparents' passports to newer pieces like newspaper and magazine articles. Not only will we help make your documents look great with quality you’ll see, we’ll keep them looking great for years to come with quality you may not see - archival framing- - - we’ll show you the difference.

Document framing may be even more important for your office. Of course, diplomas and professional certificates are a “must” for your business environment, but perhaps you’ve been featured in a magazine, newspaper or professional journal. If so, don’t keep it a secret! We can “work our magic” on even the most difficult layout & make it look professional. You can’t impress your friends and colleagues if it’s still sitting in a box under your desk... bring it in!

Shadow Boxing

We can create a stunning piece of art to surround your most precious valuables. At Cambridge Art & Framing, we can turn your memories into ART! You will be proud to display your photos or three-dimensional objects for all to see. We have even framed dresses. Why keep all of your best stories in a shoebox?

Needlework Framing

We frame all needlepoint in a 'gallery-style' frame; this is a more contemporary style and complements any décor. When framing needlepoint, the glass is set away from the canvas rather than pressed up against it, which allows the needlepoint to "breathe". This adds depth to your artwork and draws attention to the design.

Cambridge Art & Framing will select the proper stretching solution for your piece; whether needlepoint, silk or tapestry. To transform your beautiful piece into a wonderful display, bring your piece in to consult with one of our Master Framers.

Sports Memorabilia and Jerseys

Many people don’t consider object framing until they see our samples. “Wow! You can frame that?” Sure, you’ve seen or may even own a framed sports jersey, but what about a communion dress or baby’s first onesie? Consider putting wedding mementos like an invitation or cake topper in a shadowbox with a photo to create a real conversation piece.

Looking for a special way to display three-dimensional objects, baseball cards, jerseys? Acrylic cases and creative framing can provide the perfect way to showcase sports memorabilia or other collectables.

Wholesale Accounts Available

Cambridge Art & Framing offers wholesale framing to the trade. Competitive pricing, pick-up and delivery schedule, hanging services, rapid museum quality custom framing.

Corporate Art and Framing Products, Services, Consultations

Art at the workplace helps to enhance customer and community relations by promoting networking opportunities, especially in businesses that have to serve large client bases. Well-chosen artwork displayed in a reception area, waiting room or meeting room creates a feeling of comfort and helps to put visitors and customers at ease.

Art also reflects the success of the company and suggests a forward thinking and dynamic company ethos.

A survey of over 800 employees working for 32 companies in the United States that displayed art within the workplace revealed that it was a valuable business asset. The results showed that art in the workplace helped businesses address challenges such as: reducing stress, increasing creativity and productivity, enhancing morale, broadening employee appreciation of diversity while encouraging discussions and expression of opinions. It’s not just employees who see the benefit of art in the workplace; it also has a positive impact with visitors and customers. Well positioned artwork often becomes a talking point for visitors, and it helps promote the company’s image as it provides evidence of the company’s interest in improving the working environment for their employees.

Call the team at Cambridge Art & Framing to schedule an appointment in your office or at our location for a free consultation with our specialists. We will oversee your project from start to finish while you benefit directly from working with the dealer.

Custom Services

Interior Design

We work with some of the top rated interior designers in our area. Are you an architect, interior designer or decorator in need of framing services? Let us help you put the finishing touches on your client's project with custom framing. Of course, we’ll supply you with whatever samples are necessary to help you and your client make the perfect framing choice. Ask about our designer discounts, too.

Our interior design office will provide a space where designers can meet with prospects and clients to select artwork and frames. Our fine art, posters, prints, mirrors, and custom tabletops are accompanied by the finest frame moulding choices from around the world. We have the perfect frame to fit any budget.

Hanging Services

Hanging pictures, artwork, mirrors, and other décor items at home might seem like a simple task. But if you’ve tried it, you know what can go wrong. Who could forget the crack in the wall, the painting that refuses to hang straight, or the heavy mirror that fell and shattered? How about the photos you wanted in a straight row that ended up uneven?

No project is too large or small. From a single painting, to a wall grouping of photos all the way to large framed mirrors, Cambridge Art & Framing can aesthetically place and hang it.

Whether it's up high, above a stairwell, or simply over a dresser, our professional installers specialize in precise and aesthetic placement of art and mirrors.

Our picture frame installers understand how framed art and mirrors relate to furniture and architectural elements. Our experience affords us the ability to hang art at the correct heights (museum standards) for varying media and sizes of art. We will use this experience in your home to analyze the scale of the art, the color scheme of the room, and the overall style of the home for best placement.

Contact our picture hanging services department to schedule an installation or ask if we can hang it in that spot!

Dry Mounting Services

Dry mounting is a permanent mounting process where inexpensive art prints, movie posters, or other paper based mediums are glued to a mounting board using heat and pressure. This process is highly recommended for rolled art mediums or posters that have wrinkles, creases, or if the aesthetic appearance warrants it to be flat.

The high standards we set for our mounting are the same whether we are mounting a museum collection or a single piece of work for a home. We offer the best substrates to present your art beautifully and the best protective surfaces to keep it safe. Because of our commitment to using only the highest quality materials, your work is produced at the archival standards you should expect. Our mounting can be a precursor to traditional framing and matting, or we will finish your work as a mounted piece that is ready to hang. All of our work is custom, tailored specific to your art. We are happy to consult with you to come up with the best solution for your work.

Expert TV Framing

Do you have a flat screen hanging on your wall? Let us help you design a TV frame to complement any setting. We offer multiple frame styles, finishes and colors to satisfy any design style and dramatically enhance any room.

Unique Glass and Mirror Work

Glass Tabletops

With years of experience we have mastered our glass and mirror work. Whether you want to add glass or mirror to dress up an existing piece of furniture, or need a piece of glass or mirror to repair that cracked or chipped tabletop, we can help. Any size and shape can be made to fit your needs.

Custom Framed Mirrors

Aside from being a necessity in a bathroom, bedroom or dressing room, mirrors can be used to visually expand and brighten any space. Mirrors can be ordered with a variety of different options: A beveled edge mirror will have stunning sparkle, while an “antiqued silvering” treatment will fit seamlessly into original “period” décor. Etching is also available for a one-of-a-kind, custom mirror for your home or business.

Cambridge Art & Framing can customize mirrors… any size you like, from the itty bitty to the largest mirror you can fit in your home; beveled and non-beveled, polished, tinted, etched (with design or company logos etc.), even one-way mirrors. Hang them frameless on the wall or dress them up with one of our thousands of moulding choices. We are here to serve you.

Art Brokerage Services

Looking for a specific piece to add to your collection? Cambridge Art & Framing’s Art Brokerage service is here to give collectors access to exceptional artwork, with everyday availability and guaranteed authenticity and condition. We have an extensive array of sources to ensure we find you the piece you desire. We will literally search the world for your solution.

Artist Representation

Cambridge Art & Framing is proud to represent talented artists. The gallery is currently welcoming submissions from all artists seeking representation.

We provide full business management. We can provide legal representation, marketing support, distribution and special events. This gives the artist freedom to express their creativity without the burden of the business side of the art world.

Representation is offered to talented artists at every stage of their career. Acceptance is granted only to those whose work qualifies, on the basis of a portfolio review. Click here to submit an inquiry.

In addition to the custom framing and shadowboxing, you can browse a great selection of art in our gallery including: